With Bloxels, you are the artist, the game designer, the storyteller, the programmer, the publisher and the player. You are the 13-bit Builder.

When you build a game with Bloxels you get to do it all. It starts by designing the hero of your game, one block at a time, on the 13x13 Bloxels gameboard and ultimately building an entire world around your hero. It's your chance to dig deep inside and show off your personality, passion, creativity and skill. But don't worry, it's not too serious – in fact the sillier the better

Check out some of these awesome games created by some of our players!


Download the 13-bit Builder Guidebook

Or get the full-color printed guidebook, 
included with the Bloxels Video Game Builder Kit.



Build Massive 13-bit Games...up to 169 Rooms!

With Bloxels, everything is build on a 13x13 grid, which means your character is made of 13x13 art, your games rooms are made of 13x13 gameplay elements, and your entire game is made of 13x13 rooms, for up to 169 total rooms! 


Check out this awesome game below, and this is only 30 rooms!


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Play Bloxels games in your web browser, and check out Dwayne's Blog!



You can get a shirt with your own custom character or artwork printed right on the front!