Rock, Paper, Scissors Pt.1

Episode 30: Jon is missing again, but Joey and Danny battle it out to see who's hero will be the star in their Rock Paper Scissors game.


Building the Vat19 Video Game

Episode 30: Joey and Danny continue creating the Vat19 video game! Using "Bathtub Joey" as the hero, the hosts build and decorate the game's world, including giant gummy bear coins!


Listening Challenge

Episode 29: For creative inspiration, Danny and Jon listen to their muse. Sort of. Each host presents a mysterious object to the other blindfolded host. Whatever they think they hear, they build on the gameboard! Yeah, it's weird.


Let's Play the Vat19 Video Game!

Episode 28: Joey and Danny finally play through the epic Vat19 video game! The game has been in the works for the last three episodes. Watch as Joey guides the "bathtub version" of himself through the Vat19 studio, facing characters and products along the way.


Video Game Characters

Episode 26: Danny and Jon pull a character out of a hat to figure out what Vat19 character they will build as the hero of the Vat19 game they are building.


Game Board Capture Tips

Episode 25: Jon and Danny will take you through some tips on how to get a better capture with your gameboard. Just what you need if you have been having trouble capturing


Let's Play Your Game: Amalgamates

Episode 24: Jon and Danny team up to try to defeat an amazing fan requested game. One of YOU built it and now it puts us to the challenge. This is Amalgamates by builder JoowGames!


Brain Match Challenge

Episode 23: Joey and Danny compete with each other to see who can build the cooler enemy for a brain they built together. The winner is decided by you!


Building Our Future 

In celebration of KVGM Jon and Joey take a trip down memory lane as they remember what they wanted to be and build it with Bloxels. 


Smell Challenge

Episode 21: Jon and Joey get a whiff of inspiration in this creative challenge! Each host presents a mysterious object to the other blindfolded host. Whatever they think they smell, they build on the gameboard! As usual, it gets a little weird.


Meet Builder Jared

Episode 20: Jon And Joey talk to one of last years KVGM winners about their game and get his thoughts on this years contest. You can enter this year's contest at kvgm.bloxelsbuilder.com


Infinity Wall Scavenger Hunt!

Episode 19: The Bloxels Infinity Wall is filled with tons of wildly creative game elements built by builders from around the world. Today, Jon and Danny are going to explore the vast depths of the Infinity Wall and race to be the first to find all of the things on their list. Who is going to win?



Lets Play: The Most Played

Episode 18: Jon and Joey explore the featured section of the infinity wall. Joey plays the most played game on the infinity wall and gets lost before he can find the end.

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Food Challenge

Episode 17: Danny and Joey don blindfolds while eating mystery foods prepared by Jon. Then the hosts try to guess what they ate by building it on their Bloxels gameboard!


Let's Play: Krampus

Episode 16: Joey and Jon face off to see who can defeat Krampus more quickly. It's not going to be easy because Danny built a very challenging game for this week's let's play face off. How fast can you defeat him?


Naughty or Nice?

There's a nice list and there's a naughty list. Make the nice list and you receive gifts and goodies. End up on the other...? You'll have to watch to find out! See Jon and Danny create two holiday themed characters in this week's exciting episode.


Create an Avatar 

Episode 14: Hosts Danny and Joey create an avatar for the official Block Party account. Watch and learn how to create your own avatar!


Time Trials

This is the last in a series of 4 episodes in which we have been creating a whole game from scratch. Jon and Joey go head to head to see who can beat our new game the fastest. Not before adding some challenging new brains to all of the enemies.



Build It! 

This is the third of a four-part series where the guys build an entire game from scratch. This week, Danny and Jon build all of the rooms for their Burnt Toast Laser Man game. Filled with fun enemies, creative power ups and plenty of dangerous hazards, you don't want to miss this game build!

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Animating Our Hero

This is the second in a series of 4 episodes where we build an entire universe with your help! This week, Danny and Joey reveal the character you picked to be the hero of the game. After animating the character, it's time to start creating the rest of the game!


Create a Universe

This is the first in a series of 4 episodes where we will build an entire universe with your help! This week Jon and Joey compete to see who can build a hero that can win your votes to be featured in our game! Stay tuned because in the next 3 episodes we will build a whole world that revolves around the character that you pick!


Halloween Game Build!

This week, Jon and Danny battle it out to see who can collect the most candy this Halloween! The guys build, decorate and play their own spooky game. Who will take the Bloxels Cup? Watch to see!

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Episode 8: Happy Reptile Awareness Day! Joey and Danny walk through how to build, capture, and decorate various elements in Bloxels. This week, it's all about reptiles!


Boss Challenge

Episode 7: Joey and Jon face off in the Boss Challenge! Each of them have to design a brain for an enemy to see who can create the tougher boss. The winner takes home the Bloxels Cup!


Blindfold Challenge!

Episode 6: The Blindfold Challenge! One of us thinks of something to build, and the other builds it blindfolded. See how our host's creation turned out. Plus, find out how to make your enemies more powerful with the damage attribute of Brain Boards.


Animating Emojis!

Episode 5: Watch as hosts Joey and Danny each choose an emoji to build and animate with Bloxels! Then the guys turn the emoji into a crazy enemy boss using Brain Boards. What emoji would you build?


Meet Builder Jaime

Episode 4: Hosts Jon and Joey chat with a super-creative Bloxels builder named Jaime about his game, Oracal. Plus, take a deeper look at the Brain Boards feature – specifically how to customize your enemies' strength!


Whisper Challenge

Episode 3: Danny and Jon play a modified "Whisper Challenge" and build some interesting characters! Then the guys demo the "projectile" attribute of the Brain Boards feature.


Let's Play!

Episode 2: Meet Jon, the third host of the show, as he and Danny do a "Let's Play" with one of your games! Plus, find out more about the new Brain Boards feature.


Blueberry Popsicle Monster!

Episode 1: Welcome to the show! Meet two of the hosts, Joey and Danny, as they challenge each other to a Bloxels Speed Build. Then, check out Brain Boards – a new feature that allows you to customize your enemies' attributes!


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