Welcome to your first Bloxels experience! Here you'll find quick links to the best content online to help you get started building. Scroll down to get started, and remember this link in the future for all the latest and greatest from Bloxels.


Watch this short video to see how Bloxels works.



These videos will give you the inside track on making your first game with Bloxels.


Need for tips on capturing your first gameboard? click here



Also learn more about
Brain Boards and Gems!



The designer of the latest "Poultry Panic" game, Connor, has put together 10 Tips for our aspiring Bloxels designers. See a preview of his game below and check out his 10 tip!



Build Your Own Terrain

Use green Bloxels to create terrain, platforms, walls, buildings and more in your world. This is a good place to start!

Collecting Coins

You can't have a game without Coins! Use yellow Bloxels to place coins throughout your world. Cha-ching!


The Element of Water

Use blue bloxels to create bodies of water to jump over or to swim through. You can make it look like a pool or even a pit of slime.

Tell a Story

Need some tips along the way as you play? Use white Bloxels to create signs with text or characters that give our players hints on what to do next.


Blow Up Some Bloxels

Use orange Bloxels to create elements that can be destroyed by the player. What's more fun that seeing things explode?

terrain block.jpg

Watch out for Hazards

Feel like things are too easy? Use red Bloxels to create hazards. maybe it's lava? Maybe it's spikes? Whatever it is, it hurts!


Bring on the Power-Ups

Do you need more health? Or is it a bomb to blow up a wall? Use pink Bloxels to add power-ups and take your game to the next level.

coin block.jpg

Make Some Enemies

Let's make this a little more challenging. Use purple Bloxels to create enemies that will attack the hero. It's about to get dangerous!



You're the Hero!

Use Bloxels to create and animate your hero. What challenges await? Jump into a world and find out!




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