Game Jam Workshop
with Bloxels EDU

“The Ultimate 8 hour video game workshop!”

Welcome to our new resource for conducting Game Jams with Bloxels EDU.

We hope you fill find this guide useful for conducting a game jam in multiple settings, including:

  • classrooms;

  • after school programs or summer caps;

  • in groups at home with friends and family;

  • and even when building alone!

What is a Game Jam?

Really anytime you build a game your conducting a form of a game jam. The term is most often used when a collection of individuals are working either together or in unison to create a game with a loose set of criteria (a “theme”) over a specified timeframe (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc) using either a specific tool or a broad set of tools (i.e. anything you want, just Scratch, just Bloxels, etc).

By defining a theme, timeframe, and toolset, you are both maximizing creativity and limiting it; both good things when it comes to maximizing output!

This guide will be flexible enough to conduct a game jam in large and small groups (or even by yourself) and is based on the following criteria:

  • Theme You define!

  • Timeframe 4-8 hours, spread over multiple days if you want

  • Toolset Bloxels EDU (of course!)


  • Required

    • Bloxels EDU Game Builder Studio or Team Builder 5-Pack - at least 1 gameboard and blocks kit per participant (if working individually) or group

    • Bloxels Workbooks - one per participant (if working indivdually) or group (included with kits and available in bulk here)

    • Device with Bloxels EDU App Installed or Available in a Web Browser

    • Internet Connection

    • Markers (any will do, but ideally a set that includes our 7 color colors)

    • Bloxels EDU app (available on mobile devices, Chromebooks, and now available for web browsers)

    • Bloxels EDU Hub Trial or Paid Subscription

  • Optional

    • Printouts of downloadable resources in this guide

    • TV Projector with Hookup to a Single Device for Final Presentations

About this Guide

This guide will also serve is a great way to understand the full Bloxels experience. Throughout this document you will find links to videos, tutorials and resources to get the most out of Bloxels.

We will also be updating this site regularly as new features are released and we get feedback from you!

Change Log

[4.15.19] Website Launched!


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Part 5 - More Build Time!
Part 6 - Test, Feedback, Iterate
Part 7 - Polish Your Game!
Part 8 - Publish & Present

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