A Feather Flying Feline Frenzy!

Have you ever wondered how a video game loving cat with a unique sense of fashion, his pet fish, a few zombified chickens, an alien junk shop owner and one angry grim reaper from another dimension could all be in one ridiculous story? Well wonder no more! You’ll meet all of these crazy characters in our first story mode game “Ugly Sweater Kitty: Poultry Panic”. Get ready to play through over 75 rooms of an action packed Bloxels level, all made with the Bloxels board and Bloxels Builder app!



Ugly Sweater Kitty

Our story’s hero. A cat that loves gaming almost as much as he loves pounding evil villains.



He’s the owner of DuWayne’s Alien Portal Pagers, Pets & Pretty Much Everything Else. A shop where Ugly Sweater Kitty goes to buy…pretty much everything. Including a certain evil doer’s portal back home.


Dr. Dumbdead

An evil grim reaper from another dimension. He loves making gadgets that cause all kinds of havoc, like making regular chickens turn EEEEEEVIL.



Ugly Sweater Kitty’s beloved pet fish. A fish that just so happens to be a portal to another dimension…and Dr. Dumbdead’s only way home.



Play with Ugly Sweater Kitty in "Poultry Panic" in the Bloxels Builder App.