How to Earn and Use Gems

If you look closely you'll find all sorts of places in the app that feature the Gem or the Gem Lock icon. Collecting and spending gems are a way to unlock the advanced building features in the app. As you unlock content in Bloxels Builder, it can be used on all of the games you create! 

Use Gems to Unlock...


Unlock Room Slots

Unlock more rooms on the map to create massive games. You can unlock up to 169 rooms! 

Unlock Brain Board Slots

Unlock more Brain Board slots so you can save more brains! You can save up to 6 Brain Boards.


Unlock Power-ups

Use Gems to unlock all 6 power-ups. 3 are included and 3 are unlockable.

Unlock New Enemy Types

Use Gems to unlock the flying and turret enemy types. 


Unlock Unlimited Animation Frames

You can build animations up to 4 frames, or Gems to unlock unlimited animation frames!


How to Earn Gems


Get the Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit

You'll automatically get 250 gems just for purchasing a Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit and activating your Gameboard in the Bloxels Builder app.

You choose what to unlock! 250 Gems can unlock 100% of the non-map content (enemies, power ups, colors, etc) and over 50 rooms of the map, a very large game.


Launch the Bloxels Builder App & Create an Account

Download the app and open it, and you'll get 5 Gems right away. If you Create a Bloxels Account (requires your parents permission), BOOM! 5 more gems! 


Complete Featured Games each week!

Get 1 Gem for each featured game you complete each week. That's 6 gems per week, 24 gems per month! Look for updated featured games each Tuesday.


Complete the Bloxels Gameboad Challenges

Complete the Game Builder and Character Builder challenges to earn 10 gems. each. That's 5 gems per challenge! You can do it, they're easy! 


Complete the "Poultry Panic" Story Mode

Find the end flag in the new Ugly Sweater Kitty: Poultry Panic story mode and you'll earn 5 Gems. It won't be easy, though! You'll have to fight off a lot of zombified chickens to get your hands on those watch out!

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